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  • Added "Detected Text" menu item in the Xnapper's status bar menu. This allows you to copy texts from your screenshots conveniently.
  • Fixed an issue where the toast notification ("Image Copied", "File Saved",...) got stuck and never disappeared.
  • Show a small tip when you hold/drag the image (see the small label below the screenshot).
  • Remove the "Beta" label from some places in the app.


  • Added Presets. You can now customize and save your own presets for multiple purposes!
  • Added Zoom control, fixed some issues around zoom not being centered.
  • Added ⌘C shortcut to copy text/image to clipboard.
  • Updated "Double-Click to Copy and Close" behavior: now when you double click on the background, it will copy and close the image. If you double click on the text in the image, it will select the text.
  • Reduce the max value of border radius to 50
  • Fixed a bug where desktop background and custom background doesn't work on some devices.
  • Added License Manager. Fixed some issues related to the license key field (multiline, copy/paste).

1.13 (Beta)

  • Added Social Media image sizes and ratios.
  • Added small notifications after Copy/Save.
  • Reduce the max value of the border radius slider to 100.
  • Minor UI changes.
  • Added a checkbox near the watermark textbox to enable/disable the watermark easily.
  • Fixed: double-click on the text in the image will now no longer close the image, it will highlight the text instead.
  • Fixed an issue where it reset the License Key after quitting the app. If you have entered the License Key before, please enter it again. Sorry about this inconvenience!

1.12 (Beta)

  • Added 3 beautiful mesh gradients.
  • Added an option to compress output image for smaller file size! Hold the Option ⌥ key while clicking the save button to save the compressed image. You can make all images compressed by default in the Preferences window.
  • Added a new shortcut to take a screenshot and copy the output image to clipboard immediately. You can customize this shortcut (of course!) in the Preferences window.
  • Fixed Desktop background not updating after you change your desktop background.
  • Changed the UI of Ratio options. You can now specify exact dimensions for the output image by clicking the Custom... button. (Social media sizes coming soon!)
  • Fixed an issue where it causes the screenshot to be blurry after auto balance.
  • Fixed canvas jiggling when resizing Xnapper's window.
  • Removed the Copy button's shortcut, as it can be an inconvenience when you try to copy texts in the screenshot with ⌘C.
  • Changed the "Reopen Closed Screenshot" menu item's shortcut to ⇧⌘Z.

1.11 (Beta)

  • You can now right click on any image file → Open With... → Xnapper
  • Added Launch at login option.
  • Added Always hide this window at launch option.
  • Improved window detection. Now when you capture a window with the Space key, the border radius and the inset will be set to fit the window's size (and make it look better!).
  • Improved the canvas behavior for big screenshots with scrollbars.
  • Fixed drag/drop not working without focus the window first.

1.10.2 (Beta)

  • Shadow is now more beautiful (using multi layer shadow).
  • Improved inset detection when capture a window (using Space during capture).
  • Changed drag/drop behavior: now you just need to drag the image (instead of the small "Drag Me" button previously)
  • Removed window title for a cleaner UI.
  • Added some fun sound effects.

1.10 (Beta)

  • New: select and copy texts directly in your screenshots!
  • Added context menu when right-click to the image canvas.
  • Added "Close screenshot after Copy" option in the Preferences panel.
  • Improved window size to adapt with the screenshot size.
  • Improved performance for big screenshots.

1.9.2 (Beta)

  • Improved auto balance algorithm. More balance, more beautiful!
  • Added keyboard shortcuts: ⌘Z to reopen last screenshot and ⌘, to open the Preferences... panel.

1.9.1 (Beta)

Many important improvements!

  • Improved email detection. Xnapper can now detect emails in your screenshot more reliably!
  • Improved automatic inset balance threshold. This makes Xnapper detect the balance point of your screenshot better!
  • Fixed an annoying issue where it reset your watermark after you restarted the app.

1.9 (Beta)

  • New: added "Balance" inset option. It will automatically balance your screenshot to make it look better!

1.8 (Beta)

  • New: Xnapper now redacts email addresses in your screenshot automagically!.
  • Fixed an issue that causes the watermark to be reset to the default.
  • 1.8.1 Patch: Fixed screenshot size when capture on external screens.

1.7 (Beta)

  • New: you can add custom background now! Find the new "Image File" option under the "Custom" popup.
  • Fixed misalign watermark .
  • Added helpful debug logs to help investigate issues easier.

1.6 (Beta)

  • You can buy a Xnapper license key now at early bird discount!
  • Clicking "Copy" or "Save" will close the window automatically.
  • The "Save" button now save to Desktop automatically. You can change the location in Xnapper's Preferences window.
  • Xnapper now hides its windows when taking a screenshot (you can disable this behavior if needed).
  • Improved window position after taking a screenshot.
  • Fixed a bug where screenshots are not showing up.

1.5 (Beta)

  • NEW BEAUTIFUL ICON! Check it out 😍!
  • Added "Ratio" buttons that allow you to set a fixed ratio for your screenshots.
  • Added the share button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Added "Open from Clipboard" and "Open from file" to the app menu.
  • Improved shadow levels
  • Press escape in the "Preferences..." window will now close the window.
  • Improved performance, screenshots are now show up faster.
  • Fixed some bugs so the app can handle big screenshots better.

1.4 (Beta)

  • Added a new "Inset" option with automatic background detection. This feature will make your screenshots 50% more beautiful!
  • Added "Reopen Closed Screenshot" menu item.
  • You can now change the screenshot history location.
  • You can now disable screenshot history.
  • Xnapper is now compatible with macOS 10.15+

1.3.1 (Beta)

  • Patch 1.3.1: fixed an issue where it causes the custom background to not work properly.
  • You can drag/drop the image now.
  • You can also customize the background color and gradient now.
  • Added more cool backgrounds.
  • Updated the app UI, rearrange buttons.
  • Added "Screenshot Archives" button where you can see screenshots you have taken in the past.
  • Fixed an issue with the output image size.

1.2 (Beta)

  • New name: Xnapper (and website:
  • Added many keyboard shortcuts
  • Double-click on the image will now copy and close the window automatically
  • You can now Copy/Save the original screenshot easily with the two new buttons
  • Keep in mind that the current UX/UI, logo, and icons are temporary and will probably updated/redesigned soon.

1.1 (Beta)

  • You can now customize the shadow, background, and watermark.
  • Fixed some issues with image size.

1.0 (Beta)

The very first version